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Founded in 2004, ModiQuest Research is one of the leading custom antibody generation and development providers.

ModiQuest specializes in the generation of monoclonal antibodies against difficult target antigens for R&D, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.  Using its proprietary ModiFuse™ (hybridoma electrofusion), ModiSelect™ (B-cell selection) and ModiPhage™ (phage display) technologies, ModiQuest can generate very large panels of monoclonal antibodies from various backgrounds such as mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, llama and human, as well as transgenic animals harboring the human immunoglobulin (antibody) gene repertoire, against virtually any target.  Besides antibody lead generation, ModiQuest also provides extensive antibody development and optimization procedures, such as affinity maturation, humanization, stable cell line generation and antibody production in transient and stable mammalian cell systems.




ModiQuest focuses on offering high-quality custom antibody generation and development solutions fully tailored to the needs and interests of its clients and partners.  Since its creation in 2004, ModiQuest successfully performed over 250 antibody projects for.

Over the past 10 years, ModiQuest has built a unique state-of-the-art and fully integrated custom antibody generation and development platform, including antigen design, antibody lead generation, optimization and production.  Depending on our clients’ interest, they can access the full ModiQuest platform (“from antigen to the production of an optimized antibody”) or choose specific parts of our platform.

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Antigen Selection


ModiQuest develops antibodies to different types of target antigens and with specific characterizations like:

    • Peptides
    • Peptide mimetics
    • Proteins
    • Fusion proteins
    • Anti-idiotype
    • Membrane proteins
    • Receptor binding (blocking/activating)
    • Cross-reactivity between homologous proteins from different species, (i.e. human and Cynomolgus)
    • Highly specific for post translational modification (e.g. phospho-proteins)
    • Specific for native configuration of a protein for targeting or FACS
    • IHC reactive

For this process it is essential to select the correct domains of your target antigen. ModiQuest’s modeling team has developed different strategies to select the correct domains of your target antigen (e.g. in silico modeling) and combine these antigens with the optimized immunization routes in different species.

For the generation of antibodies against the native conformation of membrane-spanning proteins, ModiQuest uses its ModiVacc technology. The ModiVacc cell line is a lymphoid tumor cell line containing specific co-factors and is used to stably express the membrane protein of interest. The membrane protein-expressing ModiVacc cells are subsequently used as an immunogen for the immunization of mice.



Antibody Generation


Using our proprietary ModiFuse™, ModiSelect™ and ModiPhage™ technologies, we can generate monoclonal antibodies from various backgrounds such as mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, llama and human against virtually any target.


●Proprietary hybridoma-electrofusion technology

●>15 times higher efficiency compared to PEG-fusion

●>15 times higher efficiency compared to PEG-fusion

●Proprietary B-cell selection technology

●Applicable for all antigens including low-immunogenic or difficult antigen targets

●Rabbit, mouse, llama, human

●Phage display library production & screening

●ModiQuest human libraries (naive and disease)

●ModiQuest naive llama libraries (VHH and scFv)

●Custom immune libraries: chicken, mouse, rabbit, llama, human

●Applicable for all antigens including non-immunogenic and toxic antigens


Antibody Optimization (ModiTune)


Antibody chimerization

Our antibody sequencing, cloning, reformatting, and expression service can clone and express any variable antibody domain into any immunoglobulin context required, such as full size mouse, rabbit, chicken, human format,  chimeras with any Fc region of choice, including effector mutants or Fc fusions.

Antibody humanization

Animal-derived monoclonal antibodies can elicit human anti-animal antibody responses in patients. Therefore it is usually necessary to replace the animal content with the corresponding human amino acid residues. We provide a robust and efficient antibody humanization service, which consistently retains affinity and specificity levels. Our approach is based on state of the art in silico antibody modeling to identify essential framework and CDR residues for grafting onto a human antibody framework.

Antibody affinity maturation

Antibody affinity is important in therapeutic and diagnostic applications. ModiQuest’s antibody affinity maturation service can improve antibodies affinities by several fold. We can apply different strategies to increase the affinity of your antibody, including gene shuffling and random mutagenesis.


Antibody Production (ModiXpress)

Hybridoma antibody production

After the generation of monoclonal antibodies via ModiFuse™ and ModiSelect™, we offer antibody production and purification up to gram scale.

Transient expression

After the generation of monoclonal antibodies via ModiFuse™, ModiSelect™ and ModiPhage™, we offer up to gram scale (~300mg/L) transient production of the generated antibodies using our in-house optimized expression platform, ModiXpress™.

Stable cell line production

Our stable cell line generation service offeres the generation of stable high-level antibody producing cell lines via our optimized expression platform, ModiXpress™, ClonePix FL technology and MTX amplification.


Antibody Characterization


ModiQuest can provide highly purified, well characterized, endotoxin low, or labeled antibodies for various applications (i.e. ELISA, FACS, IHC, bio-assays, animal studies).

Moreover we provide services for affinity ranking of antibody panels or epitope mapping/binning, using SPR based platforms.

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