ANYGEN CO., LTD. is the first bio-venture company in Gwangju and Jeonnam province. It has developed peptide biomaterial process and quality management technology that was developed independently since its establishment in 2000. Based on this, we have localized peptide biomaterials, which had previously relied on imports, and are making efforts to advance into the global market based on superior quality and price competitiveness. In 2016, it was listed on the KOSDAQ based on its proprietary peptide biomaterials and new drug development technology.    ANYGEN CO., LTD.

A few company have monopoly on peptide drug materials market all over the world. ANYGEN CO., LTD. is the first GMP certified company in domestic, we commercialize peptide drug materials at a reasonable price. We expect to contribute to the advancement of national medical industry and national health care.

In addition, ANYGEN CO., LTD. has supplied custom peptide products in local and international pharmaceutical companies.

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ANYGEN GMP peptides

ANYGEN CO., LTD.’s GMP plant is Korea’s first facility specialized in the production of peptide drug raw materials, and has the facilities and infrastructure necessary for the synthesis, purification, drying and quality control of peptide drug raw materials. It has been designed and manufactured to meet the standards of excellent pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and has been approved by the Ministry of Food And Drug Safety (MFDS) for the first time in Korea to approve the manufacture and quality control of peptide drugs and approval for GMP.

1、Synthesis Technology

Based on our accumulated technology and know-how for over ten years, ANYGEN has established various synthesis methods for peptide characteristics, and the composition and length of amino acid, scale, and the synthesis method that is characterized by customer’s request are selected.

Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis(SPPS)

The technology of choice for manufacturing most peptides up to multi-kg quantities, especially those with longer, more complex sequences. We offer F moc-based solid-phase manufacturing.

Solution Phase Peptide Synthesis(SPS)

The technology of choice for manufacturing short peptides or structures that are inappropriate for a resin matrix. This approach ultimately provides a cost-effective process for large-scale manufacture of multi-g to multi-kg lots.

Convergent Fragment Synthesis (SPPS + SPS)

This technology, which involves coupling shorter, SPPS generated sequences together in solution, is particularly suitable for some longer peptide structures. Offering higher yields than << Straight-through >> SPPS



2、Purification & Isolation

Based on its own developed mass purification technology, it produces high purity products that can be used as raw materials for pharmaceuticals by using industrial HPLC and can be produced in one batch from g scale to kg scale using industrial freeze dryer.


●100,000 class clean room and 100 class clean booth

●Purification system : Column ID 8cm to 20cm Length 50cm

●Packing Material : ODS C18, 10μm

●Purification Capacity : 350 ~ 500g/day

●All systems are validated


Isolation (Lyophilization)

●100,000 class clean room and 100c class clean booth.

●One classified isolation suite with lyophilization capacity up to 50kg (ice capacity); gram to multi-kilogram quantities of peptides for 1 bath

●SUS 316L 15 Tray with over : connected with N2 purge system.

●All systems are validated.


To create the highest quality products through GMP validation, every manufacturing process is monitored, from raw material to synthesis, purification, drying, and before product release, they are inspected on numerous qualifications to ensure the also the safest product.



Our standard GMP specifications include:

  • Appearance
  • Solubility
  • Identity(via mass spectral analysis, amino acid analysis and HPLC)
  • Peptide purity (HPLC)
  • Related substances (HPLC)
  • Assay (as mass balance)
  • Counterion Content
  • Moisture content
  • Peptide content (by N%)
  • Trifluoroacetic acid content
  • Chloride content
  • Residual organic solvents
  • Bioburden
  • Endotoxin
  • Other API-specific parameter



●Bulk scale solid & solution phase synthesis

●Proportionately scaled HPLC Purification.


●Cleanrooms from Class 100,000 to class 10,000

QA/QC and Regulatory support

●Expertise in all production and purification techniques

●Dedication to quality and GMP compliance



Generic Peptides


ANYGEN can provide high quality generic peptidesproduced at GMP facilities at a reasonable price

Generic peptides
Leuprorelin Acetate, DMF
Goserelin Acetate
Exenatide Acetate
Desmopressin Acetate
Ziconotide Acetate
Buserelin Acetate
Ongoging projects
Atosiban Acetate
Ganirelix Acetate
Cetrorelix Acetate
Octreotide Acetate
Triptorelin Acetate
Teriparatide Acetate



Custom Peptides


ANYGEN CO., LTD. utilizes a wealth of experience in peptide synthesis and optimized synthesis techniques to quickly provide a wide range of high quality peptides that the customer desires.




Peptide modification

N-terminal Side Chain C-terminal
Acetylation / Biotinylation Amidation
Fluorescence Dye(FITC, FAM, TAMFA, Cy3, Cy5 etc.) Cysteamide
DNP Ethyl Ester (CO2C2H5)
Dabcyl / Dancyl Phosphorylation(Ser, Thr, Tyr) Methyl Ester (CO2CH3)
Palmitic acid (Hexadecanoic acid) Disulfide bonds ρ-Nitroanilide
Formylation D-form Amino Acids AMC
Fatty Acid Unusual Amino Acids EDANS
(Aib, Cit, Nle, Orn, Pyr etc.)



Catalog peptides


Catalog peptides include Hormones, Neuropeptides, Antibiotic peptides, and Neurotoxins, Which are research-use peptides widely known for their physiologically active properties. ANYGEN holds about 1000 types of catalog peptides focused on GPCR ligands and peptide Neurotoxins and provides small quantities of products at inexpensive prices.

The products have been organized and listed by category and to search, please use the smart search on the upper left-hand corner. If a larger amount than the marked package is needed, please place the product in the Shopping Cart, write the amount necessary in the “Other” space, and send us your order. We will contact you back immediately. To satisfy the client’s needs, we promise to continue updating Catalog Peptides.

Please visit our database for the detail of catalog peptides.



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